Omnitech Systems CNC Routers

CNC Processing Center

Omnitech Systems Inc. is a leading supplier of industrial CNC Routers for the Woodworking, Plastics, Sign, Composite and NE metals industry.

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, Omnitech Systems exclusively  offers the SELEXX series of CNC Routers, manufactured by Anderson Industrial Corp., the world’s leading manufacturer of CNC technology. Our company’s main objective is to provide customers with the very best CNC Router technology at an affordable price, backed by first class technical support both phone and online based as well as in the field. Our dedication to providing a quality CNC Router for today’s highest demands in machining excellence and technical support are unparallel.

Even if you don't yet own a SELEXX series CNC Router, but wish to use our vast experience in CNC technology, we would like to talk to you about your particular needs.

Main Industries Served

Woodworking Industry
Panel Processing, including nested based manufacturing

Plastics / Non-ferrous metals
Signs, Components, 3D Processing, Foam, Fibre Glass, CarbonFibre, Solid Surface, Aluminium, Brass and others.

Graphic & Sign Industry
Processing and finishing of a wide variety of rigid materials commonly used in the printing and sign industry

3- and 4-Axis CNC Router Series

Most importantly the SELEXX range is priced to attract even the most "cost conscious buyer".

Due to its sturdy construction, the high quality of components utilized and the characteristics of a machine designed and manufactured by a world leader in CNC router technology, the SELEXX range offers the best PRICE-2-QUALITY ratio of any cost efficient CNC Router on the market today. Contact Omnitech Systems Inc, to arrange for your personalized demonstration of the SELEXX series router in our showroom.

We look forward to working with you!