Sacramento based electrician

Omnitech Systems is a top line electrician/electrical contractor supply house located in the heart of Sacramento, CA. We pride ourselves in always staying full stocked with all the latest electrician tools and supplies that electrical contractors need. We were founded by an electrician in 1968 and he was a leading figure in the electrical industry for many years as he was regarded as having the best Sacramento, CA electrician service that serves the 916 area code and beyond.

Omnitech Systems is a unique, family owned, independent and full-fledged electrical service wholesaler that serves the whole of Sacramento and some adjoining locations. The main thrust of our business is to create a stellar customer service experience. These efforts are designed to support the builders working in the residential and light commercial market place, the small to medium size electrical contractor and many more. From a small basement remodel to a ground up shopping center, Omnitech Systems stocks the right electrical and electronic materials to get the job done. Working with us ensures that you keep your costs at the barest minimum. Many of our partners keep a very low overhead. We are one of the leading companies in Sacramento that maintain a competitive pricing edge in the electrical market place.

In over 2 decades of operation, Omnitech systems has grown into one of the foremost names in the Sacramento electrical market place based on our convenient supply location, our robust technology center and our central distribution warehouse.

We are of the opinion that our customers remain the center of everything we do. We achieve our goal of satisfying our customers by providing courteous, accurate and prompt services at very fair prices. Our service model allows customers to choose the product they prefer or to sign up for any of our services that help to make their projects executed in a seamless fashion. We allow customers shop and complete their orders at a speed that is unparalleled in the electrical industry.

Why Omnitech Systems?
We have kept our founding principle of empowering people to make smart local business decisions especially in the area of electronic and electrical supplies. Our customer service and unique operating framework has allowed us to grow consistently in the last 2 decades. Even though we are one of the major names in the Sacramento electrical market, we continue to serve our customers by providing tailored services for all their electrical supply needs. We give our staff the freedom to serve and meet the needs of our customers in line with the market realities. Services and goods are fairly priced and we stock items based on customers’ needs. This gives us the edge to build strong relationships with the electricians and electrical contractors in Sacramento.

Omnitech Systems has the unique advantage of being a globally rated electrical/electronic supply business that gives that personal service that you cannot find in most neighborhood stores. You can always contact us to see which products are available or place orders for products that we should stock in order to equitably serve you.

In a world where people are pressed for time, our speed and precision helps to set Omnitech Systems apart from its closest competition. Do you have an immediate need? Omnitech Systems customers know that each time they pick up the phone to speak with our trained professionals; it is as good as having all their electrical needs met in one swoop. We are known for our quick deliveries, top line support in helping you make your bid quotes, prompt response to any questions that you may have and so much more. When it comes to enjoying that sublime customer service and product in the commercial, residential and industrial space; no other wholesaler surpasses Omnitech Systems!

The Power To Supply You!
With the number of experienced personnel that work on our team, we are glad to let you know that we can give you that robust support that you need in order to stay on top of your game. Our company values have always been centered on giving our customers that amazing service that they cannot find in any other place. We believe in building strong relationships with electricians and electrical contractors. We are committed to provide them with products and services that give them the requisite peace of mind. We allow our staff to give you custom service because we understand that the market is quite competitive. Anything that will put a smile on your face is what we are always willing and ready to do for all our teeming customers.

Always Ready for You!
In Sacramento, we can proudly say that we have one of the most experienced staff in the electrical and electronic supply industry. With our well equipped vehicles, we are able to deliver any item that you desire in a prompt manner. Our fully stocked electrical supplies allow you to stay on a job site and not lose time trying to pick the items that you need from the conventional market in Sacramento. Our prices are consistently affordable and we can compete with any firm both in the local and international market. If you are interested in being one of our teeming customers, you can contact us right now to learn the benefits of working with Omnitech Systems. Our customers’ satisfaction takes a prime place in all that we do. We have set up a variety of electrical supply resources that can help you have a seamless experience when you partner with us.

We go over and beyond by assisting businesses that need help in the areas of Quotation Services, Wire cutting, Delivery, Specialty items and any other thing that helps them to dominate their market.

A Final Word
We know that there are many things that crave for your attention as you seek to build a business that is highly profitable. This is why we recommend that you stick with Omnitech Systems as we have all it takes to keep you leading the field for many years. We are open to speak with you and handle all your orders with speed; do contact us for your electrical supplies right away.