Essential Elements of a Good Home Inspection You Should Know 

A home inspection is definitely a must if you’re looking for a property to buy or planning to sell one. This has become a trend these days. Maybe this is because of the many advantages it gives to the buyer and the seller. But of course, as someone who’s is interested in hiring a partner for this, you should understand what home inspection is and the elements included in the whole process. I know the feeling of excitement is overwhelming, and you would certainly want to move in the soonest time. However, it is still very ideal for getting everything checked and identifying some serious issues you might be facing after you acquire your dream house.

Long Island Home InspectionFinding the right home inspector would take time, so as the inspection process once you finally hired one. As a responsible buyer, you must know precisely what kind of property you are selling or purchasing. It’s not as easy as just picking a random company from Newsday or some local paper. I know it would be easy if you let the professional inspector do all the necessary things, but for sure, nothing beats the fact that you are equipped with the needed elements of your home inspection. Speaking of features, what exactly do you need to know?

Below are the three necessary elements you should know when during and after the home inspection:


  • The kind and model of the property. Yes, you’re reading it right. Knowing the structure, foundation, the design, the mechanical aspect, the roofing, plumbing, electrical, etc. You need to understand what should be included in the report your home inspector is giving you after. Without this, there’s a big possibility that your final decision could lead to regrets.


  • Identify areas that need immediate fixtures. Identify the things that are broken and call for urgent attention. There could be a dripping faucet, brittle wirings, malfunctioning water heater, etc. Note on the deficiencies in that property, weigh things out and make that final call.


  • Possible issues to watch out after the purchase. Is this necessary? YES. On top of knowing the existing problems that you need to fix and put a solution to ASAP, it’s also a must to know upcoming ones. This is for you to protect the investment you are making. Ask for things that need replacement in the long run. Your home inspector can definitely give you this list, but there are instances when they miss this part, thus leading to severe issues that you could face down the line.


It’s highly recommended that you look into these elements to make a wise decision when choosing a Long Island home. There is nothing better than knowing the property you want to dispose of or acquire. Know even the minor defect and notice areas that require replacement before you close that deal. Going through these elements during the home inspection will enable you to make concessions or even further negotiations. Remember that the primary purpose of hiring a licensed and expert home inspector is to make sure that you find the perfect home for you and your family (that is if your sole motive is to buy one). These are also beneficial if you’re trying to sell a property. Observing these can seal that deal, pronto.